Ayacucho Carnival

The Carnival, which has been declared National Cultural Heritage, is another major event in Ayacucho and in all of Peru.

During the Carnival, the streets of Ayacucho are full of color, music and dancing. The numerous troupes of dancers and singers that participate in the festivities parade through the streets, dancing to music and singing songs of love, heartbreak and daily life with a certain dose of mischievousness.

The Carnivals are a tradition that was brought from Europe and adapted very well to the new context, turning into an Andean mestizo festivity that has incorporated the verses of local songs.

The Carnivals are celebrated in the whole department, with variations such as the wayllacha, chuta-chuta and the pum pin (dancing and singing competition), although the Carnivals of Ayacucho, which last three days, are particularly noteworthy.

Participants wear colorful costumes, typical clothes of Huamanga and the countryside, all of which is dominated by color. In addition to the troupes of dancers and singers (comparsas or pandillas), during the festivities participants in the Carnivals play with water, talcum powder and streamers, filling the streets with happiness.

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