The Patronato Pikimachay is involved in four well defined lines of work, which are described below:

  • To have the historic part of the city of Ayacucho declared a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO. This objective involves recovery of the historic colonial part of the city, as well as a series of improvements of the social context of the surroundings, focusing on citizen safety and on economic aspects in order to achieve an optimum level of dynamization.
  • To lead Ayacucho towards a smart city model.
  • To contribute to the drafting of a development plan that will highlight the value of Ayacucho’s artistic heritage, passing from an arts and crafts model to an art model based on technological innovation.
  • To create, generate and position the Ayacucho brand at the national and international levels by means of names of origin that will highlight the specificities and the quality of the area’s natural, handcrafted and ecological products.
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