ayacucho-map-peruLocated in the central-south part of Peru’s central Andean region, the department of Ayacucho offers visitors and local residents an uneven natural landscape marked by deep valleys, plateaus, canyons, snowy areas, warm areas and even rain-forests in close proximity.

The most common characteristics of the people of the region are their hospitality, friendliness, absolute respect and great passion for their history and sense of belonging to their homeland.

At present, the names Huamanga and Ayacucho continue to be used in conjunction with the department. Officially, the name of the main city is Ayacucho, just like the name of the region, whereas Huamanga is only used to refer to the province, even though the people of the region identify themselves more with the latter. The origins of the name Huamanga date back to pre- Hispanic times. Ayacucho started to be used after Simon Bolivar issued the Decree of February 25th, 1825 in honor of the Battle of Ayacucho. The date is without a doubt a major historic landmark without precedent in the history of America, and highlights the importance of the region.

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