Where to stay

To plan your visit to Ayacucho you have plenty of options for accommodations. You should not judge these options on the basis of the number of stars they have; wherever you decide to stay you will find warm, friendly, quality service. Here are some recommendations:

  • DM Hoteles Ayacucho: this is a three star hotel located in the city centre, at Plaza de Armas. It is the option visitors generally choose, even though it is not the cheapest.
  • Hotel Rivera: it offers the perfect mix of good service, comfort, friendliness and cleanliness for an excellent price. The best part is breakfast!
  • Vía Vía: this is a hostel, but its excellent location on Plaza de Armas and its top quality restaurant make it a perfect choice. It boasts a very relaxed atmosphere, particularly suitable for adventurers.
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